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Angelos Townline Symptom Assistance
Symptoms/Answers Section:

Question: What does my "Check Engine, Maintenance Required" Light Mean?
Answer: This light can actually have several meanings, it's priority and having it's symptom checked out is important. A warning light such as this indicates that one or more faults has been detected by your vehicles computer system. An example; common problems include; misfires, emission faults, mechanical problems or temperature problems.

Question: Do I need to have my timing belt changed and when?
Answer: Yes!!!! This service is crucial to have done at the speciified time indicated from the manufacturer. If this belt loses its integrety or breaks it can cause severe engine damage, and possible engine replacment. Manufacters vary in terms of when the timing belt should be changed. Please reveiw your owners manual or contact us for this information.

Question: Is Maintenance Work Really Necessary?
Answer: Maintenance work is crucial on all vehicles on the road today. Several studies have been documented which proves maintenance not only saves money (compared to waiting until failure), but also keeps your vehicle running at an optimum level. It is important not only to see your owner's manual for a description of services, but to also check with your Repair Center Specialist (Angelo's Townline). As professionals, we can suggest and recommend services not only based on the manufacturer's guidelines, but also based on your style of driving.

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