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Angelo's Townline keeps you moving!

This page is a courtesy to our customers to help the find and locate links related to their vehicle.

We hope this page finds to be useful to you.

Angelo's Townline

21st Century Tune-up Care Care Aware provides a brief vidoe explaining some the latest charcteristics of 21st century tune-up.
Avis Rental Cars Need a rental car for any occasion, weekend get away car - car repairs. We can rent for you a car, truck, SUV. Come see us for your rental needs
Car Care Aware Taking an active role in maintaining your vehicle is best way to avoid costly repairs down the road. This site was developed to help you learn how.
How Stuff Works HowStuffWorks explains hundreds of subjects, from car engines to lock-picking to ESP, using clear language and tons of illustrations
Jasper Engines Give Your Vehicle a New Lease on Life with JASPER. That big oil slick in your driveway or those strange noises from under your hood don't have to mean you'll be saddled with a new car
Kelly Blue Book Kelley Blue Book is the trusted resource for new car prices, used car prices, blue book values, car reviews, used car pricing, new cars prices
NJ DMV Info DMV Forms, License, & Registration. The Unofficial Guide to the NJ DMV
Right to Repair This trend makes the need for the Motor Vehicle Owners’ Right to Repair Act (HR 2694) even more critical to car owners
Time Belt Replacment Guide The replacement interval information contained within this publication has been gathered from various automotive sources and is to be considered only as a maintenance recommendation. When no recommendation is stated, usual industry practices call for inspection and/or replacement of the timing belt and timing belt components at 60,000 miles. It should be taken under consideration however, that belt and/or component failure is dependent upon several factors including driving conditions, temperature conditions and vehicle maintenance. For more detailed information regarding timing belt and/or timing belt component replacement recommendations for your specific vehicle, always refer to the owner's manual.
Your Repair Records-Mechanic Record View your repair and service records "Online." Now you can check your manintenance records from your home or work by simply accessing this website and logging into your account. Follow instructions for first time login.



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