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Angelos Townline Monthly Maintenance Tips
Gas Saving Solutions
Remember to check back often for Monthly Maintenance tips from the experts at Angelo's Townline
Tip: Keep Tires Inflated!
Keep your tires inflated to their proper pressure. This will increase your gas miliage increase the life of your tires.

Tip: ABS Anti-Lock Brakes
Does your ABS system work? Is your ABS light on? These are imporant questions considering the season which we are in. Icy and slick road conditions are often the norm during winter. ABS assists your braking system from loosing control during braking.

Tip: Should I Buy a Warranty for my Car?
Although the offer may sound intriguing at first, lets first look at the basics of a car warranty purchase. There are various warranty companies out there which are more than happy to sell you a warranty, but what is actually going to be covered under this warranty. In example, warranty coverage will never include: maintenance, tires, brakes, and most often diagnostic related fees. In addition warranty companies may have restrictions or caps on the amount of money they are willing to pay towards labor or parts. This in turn may cause you to pay toward repairs which are technically under warranty! It may greater benefit you to save the money you would invest in the purchase of a warranty and apply that to future repairs or maintenance.

Tip: Safety Inspections No Longer Required? Where's the Benefit?
Perhaps the thought of one less requirement for state inspection may sound great! But what are we as the motoring public really gaining by a "No Safety" State Inspection? Keeping the "earth" safe is a viable goal, but keeping ourselves and families safe is certainly as important! Please don't allow a short-sided goal, such as No Safety Inspections, to influence your decisions in keeping your vehicle from safely driving. Spread the word to friends and family that a safe driving vehicle means safer driving conditions for all of us.



Gas Saving Solutions
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