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Angelos Townline State Inspection & Emission Repair

Angelos Townline

Angelo's Townline State Inspection Services
and Emission Repair Services.

As a full service repair facility, we have always participated in the New Jersey State Inspection and Emission Repair program. Performing state inspections and emission repairs as enabled us to meet our customer’s needs.

 Although a state inspection at a facility such ourselves has a cost, keep in mind some of the added benefits is allowing us to perform your state inspection. We will not only conduct accurate inspection, but also evaluate your vehicle’s overall safety and performance. Tired of long lines at the inspection station or a confusing “failure” result at the end of the test? Allow our professional team to handle it for you and walk away with a better understanding of what your vehicle inspection actually means.

 As a fully licensed emission repair facility, we’re authorized to repair or maintain any emission related component. Are your emissions too high or are dangerous odorless fumes possibly getting into your cabin? Is that dreaded check engine light on? Feel confident that we can address these needs and get your vehicle safely and promptly back on the road.   


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